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by   John   Swartz
- "The last boy standing on ..."

Mrs. Layton's 3rd grade class at Hamilton Avenue, 1949.
Row 1, far right: Deanna Budd, Bruce Bell, ____, ____, ____, I think it's ?? Barbara Coddington, Bob Fry

Row 2: Norma McCormick, Faith Joyce, Judy Leeper, Nellie Ames, ____, ____, ____

Row 3: Billy McGloin, Dennis O'Brien, Frank McCarder, Jim Rader, Linda Spidel, Joan Missal ____

Row 4: Billy Sullivan, ____, Carole Hann, ____, ____, Rich Brady

Standing: George Miller, Judy Joslyn, Glenda Gray, ____, ____, Mary Cooney, Mrs. Layton, Bobby Schmick, Hanky Schwartz ... from

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Orange County, NY in the 40s and 50s

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