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Hamilton Avenue 6th grade, circa 1949 This photo is from Edna Ott Barlow. Pictured are: First Row, far right - Gerry Freisinger, Marlene Wanamaker
Second Row - Jeanne Masker, Tommy Hayes, Nina Sandford, Kay Morse, Margret Doty, Carol Cahill, Edna Ott, ???
Third Row - Chester Lewis, Marion Ryerson, Carol White, Teresa Papaceno, ???, Gloria Pierce,
Fourth Row - Roger ??, Floyd Cary, John McGloin, ???, Judy Gaul, ???, Emma Vance,
Fifth Row - Keith Wilcox, Jim Wintermute , Neuman ??, ???, Pat Majewski, ???
Standing - Henry Scherman, ?? Lewis, Gary Lust, Wayne Vaughn, ?? Finger, Jim Quackenbush Teacher: Mrs. Gertrude Benedict

Please help with the names.
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Orange County, NY in the 40s and 50s

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