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This so very peaceful picture looks south down a dirt road Main Street. It must be in the early 1900s with horses and buggies in the distance.
    Note on the left side of the street in the forefront, the hitching post and stone blocks.

    Can some historian out there, tell me the function of these blocks?

Ash Morgan informs me as follows:
I'm definitely not a historian, but I am aware of the main use for the stone blocks in the picture looking downtown from the village hall. Handy to some of the hitching posts, in that era, the blocks were referred to as "carriage blocks." They made mounting or dismounting a horse-drawn carriage easier and a whole lot more graceful and safer.

    I knew that. Not really - but Ash, you certainly could pass for a historian my friend.

From Gloria VanDerhoof Lewis' Postcard collection. ... from

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Orange County, NY in the 40s and 50s

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